The Beginning

by Ana Steinkamp

Hello everyone,

It took me a while to figure out what I would write about for my first post, and rather than actually uploading a fashion post, which is what I will be doing following to this post, I thought I should tell you a little about this website as well as myself. First of all my name is Ana Steinkamp, I am seventeen and half German (father), half Portuguese (mother). Due to my father's job I have had to move to several countries including Portugal, Brazil, China, Mexico and Germany, as well as had to switch schools several times. Therefore I guess I could say I am quite confident as I've always had to adapt to different cultures and situations. Another positive side to all this packing, leaving friends, moving, settling and finding new friends, is that I have had the wonderful opportunity of learning several languages. The languages I speak fluently are German, English, Spanish and Portuguese. However, Chinese (Mandarin) was my "first language" alongside English, but due to some bullying that sadly occurred in the past I was discouraged to continue speaking the language, which is why I have forgotten it. Nevertheless, I am sure that if I hopefully go back to visit the beautiful city of Shanghai for a couple of months it will come back to me so, yeah!, I could say I'm looking forward to the day I get that opportunity. I am currently in 11th grade at a private school in Germany, close to Nuremberg.

I wanted to open up this blog as I really enjoy fashion and it is something that takes the stress away from me and helps me relax. In addition I would like to share my views on fashion/style/street-style with all of you other passionate fashionistas out there pursuing a similar goal. My goal in this case is to inspire those who need a little push in order to have the confidence to go out there and wear whatever you would like to wear without having the least of worries about what anyone else is going to say. Also I would just generally like to help others increase their confidence in the way that everyone should feel comfortable in their body (each one of us is unique), be able to represent who they are all the way from the inside to the outside, and most importantly have the courage to create a blog or website to show who you are to the world. 

Ok, enough of me blabbering on for ages, I have probably overwhelmed the most of you; but only with the good intention of helping you to get to know me a little better.

As mentioned before, I hope to inspire many of you and to receive inspiration from everyone out there while staying true to myself and my own style. I really do hope that you enjoy my blog, which for the moment I will be updating once a week, and have fun discovering me, my style, my passion and my interests. I am intrigued to slowly start receiving feedback and connecting with you.

Lots of love,

Laced In Diamonds